Fish Bowl Conversation Series

The BCSI hosted the first part of the new Fish Bowl Conversation Series on February 1st 2019 at the Secretariat. We welcomed about thirty Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals alike to participate in an engaging session led by special guest, Ms. Sally Ann Bharat, Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team who has spent the latter part of her career assisting a broad range of businesses and individuals to manage change and develop effective leadership skills.

This session followed the theme “Conscious Capitalism” and had a few main aims:

· To build capacity and sensitize participants of the activities that will assist in the creation of productive-minded entrepreneurs for their businesses;

· To sensitize entrepreneurs about the school of thought of the benefits of conscious capitalism;

· To promote the importance of conscious leadership which leads to more fulfilling work environments and increased productivity;

· To provide a space for entrepreneurs to network, share ideas and brainstorm.

· To provide participants with guidance on creating business vision boards.
See images from the session below:

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As a part of our Membership Revitalization Programme, the Secretariat will host a series of entrepreneurship-focused events geared towards entrepreneurs within the services sector

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