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The intention of the InfoDev Initiative was to meet with relevant stakeholders on several islands in order to understand the challenges facing women entrepreneurs, and specifically of those that are growth-oriented. Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica and St Vincent were included in the mission since they represent different sized islands and preliminary research indicated that in all of them, women business owners are running predominantly smaller companies compared to men, suggesting that there are constraints to growing women-led enterprises.

The scoping mission found there is a demand and need to warrant designing and implementing a program to support women entrepreneurs, and we have since designed a multi-year program for this purpose.

Attached is a draft project implementation plan that the team would like to share, both to provide updates on the findings coming out of this mission, and to ask for comments on whether a program such as this would be useful in supporting women entrepreneurs expand their business.

In addition, we are looking to hire a locally based consultant in the Caribbean for up to 110 days from October 2012 to June 2013 to assist with the implementation of this program. Attached is a terms of reference for this position available to anyone who might be interested in applying for the role.

Qualified applicants should submit resumes and cover letters electronically through The World Bank Group eConsultant2 website ( The selection number is 1080256 and can be found by clicking on the “BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES” tab.  Applications close on September 2, 2012.

WINC Program – TOR – Short Term Consulting Assignment

WINC Draft Program Implementation Plan


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