What We do

The BCSI exists to serve our membership needs.  Our team is here to support and guide you where required.  Much of our core work involves focusing on influencing the business environment in which you operate.  Our services include:

  • Provide information exchange, linkages, networking and educational opportunities for membership.
  • Research and data collection from within the sector and giving members access to data which is key in decision making.
  • Ensuring that you have the economic and development framework within which to grow your business to realise your revenue potential by working with key public and private sector stakeholders to educate policymakers about the services economy, to identify obstacles to industry growth and trade, and to propose the means to overcome such challenges.
  • Seek to continually address supply-side issues that limit the competitive position of services firms, as well as the practical challenges that restrict business development and trade.
  • Working with members to strengthen your competitiveness and expand exports opportunities.


Association Incubation and Support Unit (AISU)

The objective of the Association Incubation and Support Unit (AISU) is to build strong and vibrant sectoral associations which, in turn, plays a leading role in promoting service sector development. The BCSI will facilitate the following services* to those within our AISU:

  • Board members orientation and mentoring
  • Agenda and board meeting preparation
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Receiving incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Facilitation of website and social media presence
  • Facilitate virtual meetings/ workshops etc.
  • Prepare general correspondence and proposals
  • Assist in negotiations and lobbying
  • Prepare and send emails to members and non-members
  • Support record keeping Edit and format documents
  • Fee invoicing and collection services
  • Organize events, conferences, training, etc.

*some services will carry a fee

Export Incubation Services Unit (EISU)

A service exporter is defined as any service provider who receives payment from a non-resident customer regardless of where the service is provided.  Our dedicated trade relations department will serve to assist in trade negotiations and to strengthen the local private sector to face the challenges and opportunities arising from decisions taken at regional and international trading arrangements.

The Export Incubation Services Unit (EISU) is BCSI’s flagship incubator program which is meant to enhance the export potential of our Service firms. This unit complements the existing AISU and facilitates the link between BCSI engagement at the Association level and with individuals who form a part in those associations.

Within the EISU there are four (4) phases:

Phase 1: Export Training

Phase 2: Export Readiness Assessment and Preparation

Phase 3: Export Pairing and Technical Assistance

Phase 4: Market Access and Export Promotion Initiatives

The primary objectives of the Export Incubator Support Unit (EISU) are to:

  1. Identify and provide front-end technical assistance to service provider SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) seeking to export their services.
  2. Enhance the overall export capacity of service-oriented SMEs.
  3. Improve the success rate of service provider SMEs in exporting their services.
  4. Establish systems for tracking and monitoring the level of service sector export among Barbadian SMEs, and the factors which impact on this.

Firefly Creative Development Program

The Firefly Project is a marketing platform designed specifically to showcase the emerging talent within the Barbadian Creative Economy. Firefly’s current focus is on the sectors of Music, Art, and Fashion.  Through this project, resources are funneled into the commercialization elements of these talents to increase their propensity to generate revenue and contribute to the wider Barbadian Economy.  This project is spearheaded by the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI) and made possible through the financial and technical assistance of the Prime Minister’s Office (culture Division), Caribbean Export Development Agency, and The Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  Meet our participants and learn more about this program by clicking below.


Barbados Coalition Of Service Industries

Barbados Coalition Of Service Industries

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